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The use of the air release valves in hydraulics pipelines, its necessary and is one of then most important safety elements in all the hydraulic installations. Its main mission is to prevent negative pressures in the network and overpressures generated by the presence of air in the pipe.




1 - Whe a bomb stops or sudden valve it's generate a separation between the water column and the valve, while still fluid flowing through the inertia of pipeline, generating a vacuum area. The same phenomenon occurs in the drain pipe.

Opened valve


Closure valve


Negative pressure zone: After closing the valve, the inertia of the column of water creates a negative pressure zone, which will be more important in negative slopes.

Air release valves: the Air release valve, correctly installed, introduces air at atmospheric pressure in the pipe network, eliminating the vacuum.

Emptying pipe


Vacuum area

Vacuum area

Negative pressure area

Air release valves




2 – When pipes are filling in air expulsion must be equal to admission of water. If the air of the installation is not removed, the pipeline could collapse in the highest points, reducing the hydraulic capacity of filter elements, and causing problems of overpressure and cavitation, caused by air in the fluid.

Filling pipes


Empty pipe, when of filling it, the air will move to higher areas.

If the air it's not remove, it will be deposited in loops and points of higher altitude.

Air release valve




3 – If the pipe network suffers a breakdown, the water flow drained could be greater than the air admitted into the network, that's why a protection element such as an air release valve correctly should be installed.





4 – Close to, pumping equipments, filtration equipments of fire hydrants, air bubbles can enter the pipe network, this residual air must be eliminated by installing triple effect air release valves.

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