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Water Treatment Industry

Case 1


Water used in sectors such as desalination, chemical alimentary, metal, textile or plastic industries needs a filtration of macro and micro particles prior to ultrafiltration, ultraviolet or reverse osmosis treatments in order to protect nozzles, membranes and heat exchangers.


Automatic filtering and cleaning systems Filtmaster. In these cases we recommend the use of 50 microns discs or secuential microns decrease from 200, 100 and 50 depending on the installation conditions.




Case 2


In the natural stone industry water contains mineral particles of important grading, this water is decanted and circulates again but this metod is not effective enough as some suspended particles persist causing obstruction and wear of some pumping componentes.


Parallel installation of one filter equipment which filtering element is a 200 microns.




Case 3


Water used in injection and extrussions processes has to be filtered through a self-cleaning filtering system in order to protect the refrigeration elements and keeping the working conditions whithout any alteration that may affect the final product uniformity.


We recommend the use of a sequential 200 and 100 microns filtering system installed in by-pass.




Projects: Gardening Reuse Water


The companies responsible for the green areas and gardens maintrance were facing continues problems due to the reception of pheatic water with high concentration of mineral particles blocking continously sprinklers and nozzles.


Small batteries composed by 2 self-cleaning filters for 40 m3/h programmable by means of a FLT 98683 control unit.




Projects: Golf Courses


Normally in residential areas with golf course the water used come from ponds mixed with residual treated water. This water is the same used for the irrigation system of garden areas and holes. This water contains filamentous seaweed and high level of organic matter blocking the irrigation and spinkler systems.


Filtmaster battery, discs 130 microns (useful for drip and splinker irrigation) commanded trough FLT98683 controller.




Projects: Fish Farms


Water generated by fish farms which can affect the eco-system is treated by closed systems to purify the water, among them the filtration by means of discs.


Two double body filtering systems composed programmable though a FLT98683 control unit and with a secuential filtration degree of 100 and 130 microns.




Projects: Spas


Most hydrotherapy installations do not comply with the minimum requirements as far as the water quality is concerned (total quantity of suspended solid).


Filtering automatic systems programmable trough a FLT 98683 control unit, with discs of 50 and 25 micons.







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