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To be competitive in our market, looking to satisfy all of our customers with suitable products, responding to their needs, whether expressed or not, both as regards their set characteristics and those which can be appreciated through use.


To improve profitability, to satisfy customer requirements and to fulfil legal and regulatory requirements.


To promote the standardisation of the products, both in Spain and abroad, as well as their certification and that of our organisation as much as possible in order to guarantee the continued leadership of JIMTEN, S.A.




Launch of the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT project, which involves the strengthening, in all areas of JIMTEN, S.A., of the commitments and goals previously set, paying special attention to:


  • PREVENTION. Which means a reduction of costs.

  • QUALITY guarantee. Which means maintaining and broadening our markets.


In order to do this, we use all the technical, material and human means that we have at our disposal. We communicate the functions, responsibilities and capacities of each one of JIMTEN, S.A.’s elements, we encourage communication between people and organisations, as well as industrial means, the methods and ways of acting, creating the organisations that are strictly necessary to reach JIMTEN, S.A.’s goals. as essential principles of our company, we establish the following:




Considering that the company is made up of a chain of colleagues, who all have as a goal the satisfaction of the end customer. This principle cannot be achieved if we do not also satisfy all the intermediate customers as well as those internal customers who are part of our own organisation.




In this long series of dependencies, each one meets the responsibilities involved in what concerns him or her.


This principle requires self-control from all of us.




This principle means that the Quality of our product and our service does not consist of a subjective or impossible value, but rather of a value that can be measured or assessed and so about which we can set targets, measure results and find out about shortfalls or non-compliances.


This principle involves the creation of a system of results that must correspond, by working on them, with those sought by our customers. It must be possible to compare them with the competitors’ and to improve them.


High Standards


We have to be demanding in terms of our approaches and for this we use CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. This principle will lead us to look for ever more ambitious goals in search of ZERO DEFECTS.





This control is achieved by the anticipatory implementation of preventative actions. This principle instigates the writing of working norms that describe the rules of action in our organisation. Together, these rules make up the QUALITY MANUAL.


Permanent Improvement


Each time we fail to reach our goal at the first attempt, we will carry out the following reflection:


About this goal, is there a specification that is known and is applied? If the reply is NO, we have to act at this level, creating it or making it known. If the reply is YES, we have to complete the preventative cycle in order to develop that specification.


In this way, we manage to improve the knowledge of JIMTEN, S.A.’s personnel.


Quality Management


Quality management is: the set of planned and systematic actions that are necessary to provide confidence that a product or service will meet the given requirements as regards Quality. Therefore, in order to fulfil this principle, we have to be sure that the specifications are defined and immersed in a process of continuous improvement. In general, to have Quality Management means:


  • Knowing in detail the hierarchical, structured list of the demands to be reached, considering the requirements to fulfil.

  • Setting up all the appropriate means to meet that list of demands.

  • Having a system to monitor performance by means of a series of simple indicators. The system is to guarantee awareness of having achieved the result according to its demands.

  • Setting up devices for regulating and correcting the shortfalls detected by means of the previous process. These principles are applied in all JIMTEN, S.A. areas and functions.


We are All Involved


Fdo. Santiago Giménez

General Manager

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